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Singapore Maritime Services (SMS) Indonesia Jakarta

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You are now connected to one of the most reliable partner in Marine & Offshore Industry. Managed by professional people with integrity, competency, knowledge and passion for their work. Once our client you will always be our client.

We are ISO 9000:2008 & MLC 2006 complied organisation,

We are a multinational crewing agency, with head office in Singapore and branch offices in many countries in Asia, Europe and Africa. We are commited to provide our clients competent and well trained staff within their budget. We provide extremly cost effective solutions to Ship Owner’s & third party Ship Managers.
When you need quality with cost effectiveness call us & try our services. Our Profession and Passion are same and that is Management of Human Resource for Marine & Offshore industry. Have a great day, hope to hear from you soon.

About Us :

We started our business in 2003 in Singapore, in 2008 company name was changed to “Singapore Maritime Services”.

Singapore Maritime Services is the world’s leading Marine & Offshore Crewing & Training Company. As a major service provider to Marine & Offshore industry we have established a reputation of quality & budget compliance. Singapore Maritime Services employs more than 40 staff in 7 countries. This represents one of the most diverse, talented and innovative workforces anywhere in the Marine & Offshore industry. More 3000 Seaman’s are enrolled in our database.

We, provide Crewing and Training Services to Marine & Offshore industry.

Our dedicated team includes

  • Director
  • Crew Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Accounts and Admin. Manager
  • Documentation Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Crewing Executives
  • Documentation Executives etc.

Our Services :

Serving Marine, Offshore and Oil & Gas Industry

Crewing Services:

Full set of crew or Partial crew, we can provide both at short notice at the most competative salaries for the following vessels:
FPSO, ULCC, VLCC, Product Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Gas Tankes, Bulk Carriers, Container, General Cargo, Reefer, Log Carrier, Livestock, Offshore Supply vessels, AHTS and Ocean going Tugs etc,.


Survey Services:

Pre-vetting as per OCIMF and CDI, On Hire / Off Hire, ISM / ISPS Internal Audits (Office / Shipboard), Panama Flag State Survey.


Maritime Consultancy Services:

Preparation for getting DOC for any flag / vessel. Preparation for ISM / ISPS Manuals.


Maritime Certification Services:

Flag State Documents (Seaman Book, CoE for CoC, CoE for GoC, CoE for SSO)


Maritime Training:

Shipboard Safety Training, ISM Familiarisation course, ISM Internal Auditor course, ISPS Familiarisation course, Crew Management, Crewing Executive, BTM

Jobs :

We do placement for Shore based and Sailing positions:

Shore Based Positions:

HSSE-QA Manager / Technical Manager / Crewing Manager / Marine Superintendent / Technical Superintendent / Crewing Superintendent / Crewing Executive

Sailing Positions:
FPSO, ULCC, VLCC, Product Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Gas

Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Containers, Reeefer, Offshore Supply Vessels, General Cargo etc.,
Master / CE: (Salary Range US$5000 to 18000)
CO / 2E: (Salary Range US$4000 to 10500)
2O / 3E / EE (Salary Range US$2500 to 5000)
3O / 4E (Salary Range US$1000 to 3200)
Pumpman / Bosun / Chief Cook / Fitter-Welder (Salary Range US$850 to 2000)
AB / Oiler / 2nd Cook (Salary Range US$500 to 1200)
OS / Wiper / Messboy / Deck Cadet & Engine Cadet (Salary Range US$200 to 800)

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Indonesia office
Singapore Maritime Services
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Asia: India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maynamar, Philippine.
Europe: Ukraine, Georgia. Russia, Croatia.

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